LThis is a fashion remix and more .

Li gathers mermaids and makes a party out of them . When I say mermaids , I mean beauty , fashion , art .

You will be able to find here , in Liquarium , these mermaids that I`m talking about, in so many shapes and colors and they`ll even  wear legs  and fingers as accesories. You will find  plastic and you`ll most probably find it fantastic, of course .[be{a}ware of Lolla , she`s everywhere]. Some will be loved by you , some will be tolerated , some will become mermaids as soon as you`ll open your eyes and your mind to new visions and they will grow beauty as you follow them .

You can even shop in this Liquarium , but for now this wonderfull gift will be given only to Romanians . Of course , mermaids do know that everything is possible , so if , and you probably will fall in LOVE with a pearl here in my ocean , do not hesitate to contact me . We`ll find a plastic submarine or whatever.

Finally , thank you for visiting my Liquarium and for sharing this experience of living times of great inspiration on these streets in ocean . Share your thoughts with the Mermaids and the Mermaids will be their swimming teacher . And pool.


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